Friends Collective Feature: Charlie Remer

Oct 7, 2021

By Rebekah Bibee, Social Media Strategist

Meet Charlie Remer, founder of Remer Graphics. In the Friends Collective, Charlie is a web design and development consultant putting his eye for design to good use. In the interview below, Charlie shares his insight when working with the Friends Collective:

How did you get connected with Mountains Wave and Friends?

Oh, nelly, I had worked with Alex at another company for years, and then he went out on his own and started Mountains Wave. I wanted to continue working with him as I am a big fan of working with high quality, smooth (easy to work with), fun, and knowledgeable people. So I told him whatever he needs let me know and here we are still kicking butt.

What has been your favorite project with Mountains Wave so far?

I’d have to say Landing Locals because we rebuilt the whole site from the bottom up and gave the client a much smoother more integrated solution.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the Friends Collective?

I am married with two kids. Bowhunting and archery are an obsession of mine. I also make custom handmade knives, enjoy travel and camping with the family, and probably make too many inappropriate jokes (depends on who you ask).

And lastly, would you recommend the Friends Collective to other freelancers/solopreneurs?

Yes, I would. It's a great way for digital specialists to fill their project pipeline, keep busy, and work with other like-minded and talented folks. 

Ready to join? The Mountains Wave Friends Collective is open to all marketing adjacent freelancers, solopreneurs & creative agencies. Click to Join! 


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