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Grateful for Our Friends

Nov 23, 2022

thxsgiving banner FC post (1)Whether you celebrate tomorrow or not, there is no doubt that there's a lot to be grateful for.

I believe this holiday is a time of serious reflection (and equal parts stuffing yourself). For me, the reflection part is even more than New Year's. Thanksgiving, to me, is about gathering with people you love and gratitude

As I reflect on my time so far at Mountains Wave, I am grateful for a lot of aspects of my work:

  • No two days are the same and I'm always learning something new.
  • My co-workers are all rad, kind-hearted people.
  • I get to organize!!!
  • There's a lot of room to be creative.
  • I get to witness the power of gathering and collaboration through the Friends Collective and let me tell you, it is magic. 

Since I started at Mountains Wave, we gained more than 25 new friends (and counting)- which puts us at 60+ in our network!

I've met with and added every type of freelancer/ creative under the sun to our group of Friends. Copywriters, Social Media Strategists, SEO Specialists, Creative Directors, Advertisers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Visual Designers, Developers, Illustrators, Videographers, you name it, we got it! Whatever you need help with, we have plenty of friends to choose from and will match you with the best fit for your project. 

Mountains Wave connects businesses with top talent for any type of project and connects freelancers to clients. It's a win-win situation.

We make personalized recommendations so you don't have to pour through Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelancing website. We make connecting, easy. 

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Go farther with Mountains Wave.

Thanks to all our friends who make it happen. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


To join the Friends Collective, click here.
Need help finding a Freelancer for an upcoming project? Email Piper at

About the author
Piper Lee

Piper is the Project Coordinator at Mountains Wave. She loves telling stories through rich visual imagery and has roots in design, photography, and illustration. Her artistic work is primarily centered around the intersection of cultural (influenced by being a second-generation Korean American), the human experience, the natural world, folklore, and myth. Her day- to- day at Mountains Wave is focused on development, organization, strategy, and being a wearer of many hats. When she isn't working she enjoys climbing, pilates, surfing, or doing just about everything she can to soak up the Southern California sunshine.