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Meet Anna: Marketing Manager at Mountains Wave Marketing

Apr 14, 2022



By Rebekah Bibee, Social Media Strategist

Hi Anna, it's nice to meet you! Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Anna Fae and I’m the Marketing Manager for Mountains Wave. I am from Santa Barbara, CA - I owe my love for nature and adventures to that beautiful place. I attended Indiana University, initially to play water polo and study Sports Marketing and Management, but after one too many concussions, I quit water polo and dove into the wonderful world of marketing.

How did you get connected with Mountains Wave?

You know, it’s funny. Writing has always been a huge outlet for me. Creative writing, intuitive writing, writing gibberish just to get my thoughts on paper…I write it all down. If you celebrate Christmas and believe in Santa Claus there is a chance that you’ve written out a wish list for Santa. And what do you write on this list? You write down exactly what you desire! Because how will Santa know what you want if you don’t tell him? Similarly, when I sat down to outline the details of my desired job/role, company culture, values, etc. I got really clear on what that looked like for me. If you look back on that journal entry you’ll see something like this;
  • A mission to impact and inspire with opportunities to grow.
  • A company that prioritizes giving back to the Earth and doing more than just profiting.
  • A team of like-minded individuals that are passionate about the outdoors, adventures, creative storytelling, and bettering themselves.
  • Freedom to create! 
Sounds familiar….right? Sounds to me a lot like what Mountains Wave stands for. I woke up quite literally the day after writing and the Mountains Wave Marketing Manager job posting was the first thing I saw when I logged on to my computer. The rest is history!

What is your favorite part of working at Mountains Wave?

I’m excited to see Soulside come to life, there is a lot of magic there.

We had an exciting launch with Landed that I enjoyed!

And I’m looking forward to watching the Oishii Nippon Project grow.

It’s really cool to get a glimpse into so many different industries.

What is a hot take about the industry you work in?

If you’re not doing video, you should start right now!

Anything else you want to share about yourself? Favorite hobbies? Fun facts?

Outside of Mountains Wave, I teach yoga! Yoga is honestly one of my deepest passions and being able to share it with the world is something I will never take for granted.

I wakeboard and snowboard goofy-footed and I skateboard and surf regular-footed.
They aren’t interchangeable, it’s weird.

It was nice to meet you, Anna! To follow along with her adventures, click here.

To connect with Mountains Wave to see what we can create together, visit us here.



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