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We've Been Busy... GROWING!

Nov 20, 2020

My commitment to sharing the Mountains Wave Experience.

We've Been Busy... GROWING

Recently a good friend of mine asked me what's been going on with Mountains Wave. They asked, "How am I supposed to keep up with your agency's success? There's been no blog posts, not much activity on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and just a few reposts on LinkedIn."

My (defensive) counter, "I've been busy! Taking care of my clients, getting settled into our new community, taking care of a toddler with another baby on the way, yada yada yada..." I knew I was just making excuses.

Their response, "So tell us about it."

So this is my commitment to telling you more about it. Committing to staying current and active with all things Mountains Wave Marketing. The growth, the roadblocks, the successes, the failures, the clients, and the friends that all make this entrepreneurial experience so worth it.

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Alex George

Alex is the captain of our Mountains Wave ship, but he still enjoys taking time to share his thoughts on marketing, the human experience and so much more. Connect and follow him on social to see what new and interesting he's up to next.